"I just installed and tested Peacock.  I'm extremely impressed!  It really brings out the very best in my music audio!  Your plugins . .  Heat, Phoenix, RA, and now Peacock, along with the Massenburg MDWEQ plugins are the primary reasons I have an Avid Pro Tools HDX system."


Kip McGinnis

Bardstown Audio
Crane song gives me High Quality and Clean Sound but the ability to color the sound in a very unique way.
Thanks Dave!
Roel Sterkens
Airea Studio Belgium
"The Avocet is the benchmark for all to follow. When it first came out, there weren't a lot of options on the market that could do multiple (analog and digital) inputs and monitoring outputs-which was important for my needs. It literally takes care of everything in my studio and most importantly, it sounds amazing. The convertors are incredible and can be trusted in a variety of environments. I have come to rely on the Avocet so much, that when I visit other studios that don't have one I insist they rent one or encourage them to consider buying it. Even with all the options that are available today, for me nothing has yet to compete with the Avocet." - Tony Maserati
Phoenix is amazing and has been a huge part of every mix I've done for years.  When I heard about the new HDX cards the first question I asked was whether Phoenix was making the move, and with the new AAX version it has!

Andrew Scheps

Cranesong Phoneix is a must for any work I do.  Whether it's adding life to a digital piano, or bringing out the vocal in an IEM mix, Cranesong always delivers.  I never gig without it.Cranesong Phoneix is a must for any work I do.  Whether it's adding life to a digital piano, or bringing out the vocal in an IEM mix, Cranesong always delivers.  I never gig without it.
Steve McCale

With the Phoenix Plug in and it's assignable parameters, it is reminiscent of having your tape machines aligned the way you want it to sound, but now we can add these to individual inputs, from using "Dark Essence" on a kick drum or snare to Luminescent on your vocals and Guitars or stereo buss. I just recently put it across all my strings with the Sydney Symphony, it was killer.   I've always had my multitrack aligned at 30ips, non dolby at +6.  With Phoenix I can make it sound anyway I want, on any input or output and bring the entire mix to a new level of listening.
I'm a believer...

Howard "Howie" Lindeman
FOH Engineer

AES Budapest

I will do a page with some photos of the city when I fine time
"Cranesong equipment is an indispensable part our our mastering studio.
Every source we listen to we're monitoring through our Avocet controller, and from the Hedd 192 convertors driving our analogue chain to the transparent compression of the STC8 at the end of it,  everything that passes through our analogue process passes through Cranesong gear.

Thanks Dave!"

Peter Beckmann
Technologyworks Mastering
"Well, Dave's done it again - the Solaris is among the best converters I've ever
heard, very smooth and clean. The added ability to use this as a portable
monitoring DAC is amazing. I'm buying one."

Brad Blackwood
Avocet II sounds great!!  I have a friend who has an original Avocett & there is a definite difference in the tightness & detail of the image now!! the other monitor controllers & DAC's I've used can't even compare!!

"Since putting the Titans in my mastering console, they get used on almost every session!! With the ability to blend between 2 very different compression circuits, &
the dynamic color options, I can get almost any sound I may need out of it!! Definitely my Swiss Army knife of compressors!!"
Warren Sokol
Universal Mastering Studios
Just a follow up email letting you
guys know that I received the extra    
set of +/-10dB Barrels for my
Avocett II yesterday & everything is
working great!!

In fact, I checked them for L-to-R
matching accuracy
(just to be sure, after all we are a
mastering studio…)& was amazed
to find it exactly 100% paired
between the two barrels down to
0.0001dB!!      WOW!

Once again, we really appreciate
that kind of attention to detail!!