INTERSTELLAR is a stereo ADC using Crane Song's Quantum, sub Pico second clocking technology.  Included in Interstellar is dsp emulation for Triode and Pentode tubes, Tape emulation, dithering to 24 or 16 bits and word clock outputs.  The Word Clock outputs allow Interstellar to function as a master clock

When used as an USB interface, there is a SPDIF output that can be used to connect to a DAC.
Making Interstellar a USB bi directional interface.  In the USB mode the computer will set the sample rate and thus the sample rate of the Word Clock outputs.
The AES, SPDIF and Optical outputs are active and can be used at the same time as the USB connection.  The level of the dsp functions is set by front panel controls

When the USB connection is not in use, The clock rate is set by the front panel controls